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Mark at the shooting skeet range course. A good Thanksgiving.

- 2000 -

Halloween at Patagon. "What, my camel is double parked?"

Halloween at Patagon and crew in Great River.


H.S. Graduation.

Oldmobile 442

1968 Oldsmobile 442

- 1989 -

1982 Yamaha IT250. Bought it needing some work. I tore it down to the frame,
painted it, bought new fork seals/boots, plastic, and stickers.
The Yamaha IT was my favorite dirt bike.

- 1986 -

First dirt bike the 1972 Suzuki TC125


The Art of Torturing Cats

After I finally moved out of my house, Mom kept going through stuff in the attic.
Needless to say we grew up with a lot of different cats and Veronica can still name all 10+ of them.
She was defenitively creative but never thought she would document this the way she did.

- 1980s -