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- 25 APR 2009 -

Pershing Rifles Q-8 Dinner

Pershing Rifles
Cathy and I finally made it to the P/R Dinner. Matto was there as well as he has always been a big part of the Alumni. The greatest surprise was seeing
Eric Farina make it (from Afghanistan) to the dinner. It was awesome seeing him again since it had been over 15+ years since I last saw him in person.

- 24 APR 2009 -

Jason Coppola showed up unexpectedly at the unit. Working for the state and getting out of the 102nd CTNG after receiving the
PurpIe Heart he is working for CT as Veterans SO.



Jack Britany Spears

Jack in a trance whenever listening to Britany Spears. Lasted a few months.
- 13 AUG 2008 -

- 24 JUL 2008 -

CAX at Fort Dix, LTC Kelley leads the way..."Trust me."

2008/ 2009


Pershing Rifles Q-8 Alumni dinner

- 15 MAR 2008 -

Last thing before going to bed was catching Jack asleep so I could cut his nails. He already scratched himself once.

- 14 MAR 2008 -

Jack in the midst of moving madness. Maybe he likes his new pad in CT.

- 12 MAR 2008 -

Cathy and I met at JoJo's to pick up a table for the dining room. JoJo has many grandchildren and knows all the ins and out of caring for a baby.

- 11 MAR 2008 -

SFC Wallace at Augies Italian Restuarant in Danbury CT. He is retiring and had to test out his new flask from CPT Scantlin before leaving for Alabama. I would have never gotten my OERs on time if it wasn't for his hard work and dedication. He is a great guy and wish him the best. Happy Trails.

- 05 MAR 2008 -

Jack's first bath.

- 19 FEB 2008 -

Monica and Aunt Joanie stopped by. Mom brought olives, mushrooms and peppers, fresh mozzerella and fresh bread, olive/oil and Scadalia dip for the bread, chicken cultets, and Baked Orzo with Fontina and Peas. Mmmmmm.

- 18 FEB 2008 -

Cathy and I finally leaving the hospital on Monday after being there for six days with baby Jack..

- 17 FEB 2008 -

Brad and Michele came to visit us tody. Its always a pleasure hanging out with them.

- 16 FEB 2008 -

Meghan stopped by to give Cathy invaluable tips on motherhood. She's one of the pros.

Jack gets some additional nourishment. Just like his mother and father he likes his chicken wings extra-hot.

Grandma Joan and Jack.

Again...Grandma Joan and Jack.

- 1125 AM Linda stopped by to see Jack.
- 1104 AM: After several hours of thinking about the name we made the official name Jack Edward Christian.

- 15 FEB 2008 -

Dan and Therese stopped by one thier way out for a night out on the town. Thomas, thier first, was born last year.

Lori also stopped by later that day and had a few good stories about being an ER nurse at NMCC.
Jack, like his father, has 'chicken legs', big nose and thumbs and tends to be full of gas.
1:00 PM - Rebcca was the first to show up that morning, with Joan closely behind. I have to thank Rebecca who gave us a lot of baby things to include a papson-like swing. And of course a big thanks Joan for being there for all the proceeding days, weeks and months.)

5:34 AM - The name will be Jack Walter Christian.
5:27 AM - Cathy will be at South Nassau Communites Hospital for the next 3-4 days. Her phone # is 516-632-7747 in room 3017.
2:03 AM - Cathy 'Carroll' Christian had a baby boy born via caesarian section at 0119 AM. He tipped the scales at 7.8 lbs. Full name TBD but I still liked Edward Matthew...

- 14 FEB 2008 -

9:00 PM - Janice stopped by, answered a few questions from me and checked to see how Cathy was doing. Its always comforting to have an experienced medical professional helping out Cathy and myself.
4:30 PM - Joan showed up until I got there.
I left from Danbury at 4:00 PM, had to detour around the Hutchison River Parkway because it was closed boths way near Boston Post Road and Pelham Parkway due to flooding.
So intead of taking 1 1/2 hrs like usualyl takes me, it took 3 1/2 hrs.

11:00 AM - Cathy admits herself into the hospital at the advice of her obstetrician.

A beer with Moose at the Blue Parrot in Massapequa. We go way back and it was great to see him again.
He plays guitar and keyboards for a band called Backspin.
Backspin plays 50's to today's music and performed at places on Long Island such as Molly Malones in Bayshore, the PostOffice in Babylon village,
Blue Parrot and the Bulldog in Amityville.
Click the pic for their webpage.

I met Matt Zvolensky and LTC Adam Roth at J. Paul's Cafe in Oceanside, NY. LTC Roth was recently promoted and in NY before taking a Battalion command.

Playing cards at Garo and Carrie's.

I had to take a picture of Eddie and Gina's lamp before I left.

Cathy and I playing '$25,000 Pyramid' at her cousins' house later that night. We came in at 3:03 but Brad and Michele beat everyone with a time of 0:59.

In Amityville for a goose Christmas Day dinner along with Mom, Emery, Ray, Rebecca, Nolan, Dad, Mark, Veronica, Aunt Cary, Uncle Garo, Monica and Cathy.

Christmas Eve with the Notleys in Flushing. Also there was Cathy's Aunt Janet, Uncle Ed, Terry and Joan.

CPT Pawloski, a friend from Basic Training, and me at the Decible Saki bar in the city. The litchi martinis were the bomb and thats exactly what I got after moving on to Lucys.

I met Liz and Matt in Philly or I should say they met me. We went out to Champions bar and had a few drinks. They are a ton of fun. I am sorry I didn't take a picture so I posted one from their wedding.

MAJ Dusick and CPT Christian at the Carnegie Deli taking a break after TDY training at Ft. Wadsworth, Dec 2007.

I am married to Cathy 'the great' and we have a child on the way. Playing at their annual 'Turkeybowl' 2007 in Maryland for the first time. The field we played on was a private school grades 3-12. The field was astroturf and the tuition is $30,000/year - incredible...

LTC John Hussey gives a pep talk to the departing 411th Civil Affairs soldiers in November 2007. They are headed to Iraq once again ISO the GWOT.

AJ P ("P" Dog) and SGT V at Houlihans the night before they left for Fort Bragg, NC.

November 2007 visiting Minnesota. Mark, my brother in-law, finally mounts the deer he got this year. My sister wasn't all that happy and looks more like she's confused.

Video of my friend Frank Colletti demonstrating his "EXO Pro" windproof and waterproof neoprene mask on QVC

Congratulations to Matt Zvolensky and his wife Laura. They just had their third boy and completes Matt's 'fire team' - Samuel Joseph on 10/27

Honeymoon to Aruba

Cathy and Walter married 2007-06-30!

Recent Skydiving Freefall courtesy of my Uncle Garo in Calverton, NY at SkyDive Long Island. It was a blast! Thanks.

watch the video

Pictures from back home, Iraq and Aghanistan

Me and my fiance at her cousins Penthouse, FRG party, and us in NJ at Linda and Stan's house for Thanksgiving

- Me in Baghdad in an IZ sidecar 2003. More pics from 2003.


Movies I made while in Afghanistan
Several moves I made about my time in Afghanistan as well as a few others.

When I was on leave, my fiance's Aunt brought dessert from a place called Sweet Karma in East Meadow, NY.
Sweet Karma is the best dessert place I have found to date and reasonably priced.
Click here for Sweet Karma