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Season 2 episode 16 - regrets only

Season 2 episode 22 - good cop bad dog

Modern Family, wish I watched it sooner. The two episodes above I liked the best.
The one I can relate with Phil "I don't know what I did". The intro with Jay talking about birthday
presents (Karaoke aside) made me laugh.

Jack 2013

My attempt at a way down south voicemail greeting

Dumpster for Dead Animal
Never knew that's where they put roadkill, Dead Animals OLNY. Must of had a new remains deposit...someone forgot their Starbucks.
I hope it's not someone from the local "all-you-can eat" chinese places.

- JUN 2013 -

Some Counting Crows 'Mr Jones'

I wanna be a rockstar

- May 2013 -

So many guns TV shows its getting crowded. I like Guntucky. I was there at Knob Creek about 2 months ago before even I knew.
I even went to have Biff's (papaw) gun shop where I took pictures of the 'stuff' below. Basically it sucks. I like Backyard Oil better.

One of the better bars to get a bite to eat. Tacos were worth it.

- APR 2013 -

JibJab with Jack Gangnem style

JibJab with Jack and Cathy
St Patricks Day

Knob Creek where you can buy guns, rent machine guns, and kill Zombies.

Why buy a 4x4 if you don't take it four-wheeling.

- MAR 2013 -

Jack and Cathy with his cake February 15.
Jack dancing at Houstons with Marissa.
Nolan, Jack and Liam.

Soup sandwhich...mmmmm, I'll have one of those.

Biff's Gun World, Louisville where you can buy a lot more than just guns.

- FEB 2013 -

Modern Family Season 2

Jack starting early playing beer pong. Ryan or Evan? with college friends New Years Eve.

- DEC 2012 -

Sadly Cathy's house days after super storm Sandy. At least JJ made it out ok but the house is done.

- NOV 2012 -

Flip that Bike.

- SEP 2012 -

Garo has all the cool stuff Jack loves.

I miss Long Island.

- JUL 2012 -

Van Halen at the KFC Yum Center was the easiest place to
find a parking spot and freedom to walk around the stadium.

- FEB 2012 -